Too Big Or Too Busy? Let Us Come To Your Location!

Our company's portable service trucks are equipped with the latest in welding and fabrication technology as well as a wide variety of tools and equipment.  Nearly every process available in our shop can also be done on site at your location.  

Our truck equipment includes...but is not limited to:  an air compressor; plasma cutter; TIG machine; aluminum feeder; large heating tips; port-o-power and jacks; chains and rigging; hundreds of feet of cable and extensions and a high power welder/generator.

We've field repaired and installed large conveyors, balers, and hoppers, aggregate and asphalt plant machinery as well as foundry equipment, trailers, handrails, guard rails, kitchen counters and equipment. In addition to structural and architectural steel, we excel in on site aluminum and stainless fabrication and repair.

Other equipment available for portable use or rental includes a trailer mounted Miller Big40 400 amp welder, large diesel drive air compressor with 100 lb. portable sandblast pot, 27' off road scissor lift, and off road and heavy lift fork trucks with up to 15,500 lb. capacity.